Wednesday, June 13, 2012

For the record

This is not to boast or brag about myself in any way.  I know there are much better DIY robots out there and mine may be considered sub-par.  However, I wanted to document the little robot family (if you will) that I made for Caleb's birthday, before the big day comes.  Because I know that when the day arrives we will be so full of excitement about the rodeo and celebrating and having fun that these robots may not get noticed.  I hope not though.  But do not tell Caleb, the big day is a few weeks away still.
 So, my boy loves robots.  He sews them, draws them, collects them and makes them.  I thought he may enjoy some robot softies to add to his collection.  Then I kept having all these other ideas on how to do the faces or buttons, and I thought that my other children might enjoy a robot to hold/play with as well.  And they were pretty fun to design.
I think these might be my three favorites. Rob thinks they look like monster-robots and that might be true to an extent.  But I think my boy will like them.  He is a very gracious and sweet boy that way.

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Alisa said...

Those are so cute. You are so creative, and I am sure he will love them.