Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Loose tooth drama

Peter lost his third tooth on Sunday, June 10th.  Boy was that an afternoon not to be forgotten.  In the afternoon he ate a pretzel and his already very loose tooth was ready to come out.  So ready that it was barely hanging in there.  But he was scared and did not want to pull it out.  He was also tired, so that made things worse.  And he was very hungry but could not eat anything because it all hurt his tooth, making the whole afternoon very sad for Peter.  Finally, finally, he calmed down enough to trust me, we said a prayer that it would not hurt, and he let me tug it out.  Phew!  It did not take any effort at all.  Peter was so happy after that.  He told me that he wanted me to cook him angel noodles, his favorite, after the tooth was out.  He devoured those noodles and then showed his tooth off to the whole family for the rest of the night.

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