Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our own take on a parade

Since we could not attend the Pleasant Valley Days parade because of the previously mentioned evacuation (which is still going on ARGH!) we decided to hold our own parade.  We got ready to make our own floats, have candy and toys thrown into the air and award prizes for the "floats" entered into the parade.  It was fun.

 The mess involved in preparing for the parade.
The line-up!
 From the front: Peter's dragon car (won best high-flyer). Willy's car with the feathers, Haley's car with the eyes and flower (won the "eye of beauty" award), the clown looking car (Diedre's) and then the rest were Caleb's.  The dragon car with the big wheels was also Willy's and it won the "happiest animal" award.  Rob came up with the awards. 
 Caleb's googly eye car won best of show and the clown car won also.  Caleb made each of them with his own ideas, he did not want to stop. 
 And these are an example of the awards that were given out.  Professionally made by Mrs. Construction Paper herself, Diedre.  However, they were done with felt, large buttons, and ribbon.  I left the paper for another activity. 
It was tons of fun.  We tossed out candy and bead necklaces and toys just like they would at Scofield and my kids enjoyed the show.  A pretty good substitute since the real thing was postponed until further notice.  Fun is where you find it and we are glad we went looking.

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