Sunday, June 10, 2012

Working out the kinks

We took a trip to Scofield this week and it was not always smooth sailing.  The weather was 50/50.  If it was not beautiful and sunny it was very windy, which makes it difficult to be at the lake.  So, on one of those days we took a trip to Price and visited the dinosaur museum.  The boys had fun looking for shark teeth in the sand/bone pit and Caleb really enjoyed looking at all the Indian artifacts.  I think the hit of the day was the Wooly Mammoth, he is huge and very cool.  There were other days that were beautiful and provided for much time outside in the water and sand. which the kids loved.
We worked out the kinks of Haley going to sleep for mom instead of dad, and that was a struggle the first two nights.  But after that she was a sweetheart and did pretty well.  It helped that she did not go to sleep until like 10 so she was exhausted and ready to do it for me.
Another of the kinks was getting locked out of the cabin one morning.  ACK!  I did not realize that one of the kids had been playing with the lock on the door and pulled it shut as we went down to the lake for the morning.  When we went up for lunch and naps to my HORROR I realized that we were locked out!!!!  The truck was locked, I had no keys, my phone was in the cabin!  What to do?  We said a ton of fervent prayers, ran around the whole cabin checking for open windows and there were none.  It was getting desperate!  Kids were hungry, two of them were very tired and I was panicking.  I figured the only way to get in was a) call Pa and wait 2 hours until he got to the cabin with another key, b) break a window, or c) call Rob. I went with option c, went to a neighbor's cabin who has a phone, used his spare key (because we were the only ones in the camp), and got his phone.  The kids also ate a package of oreos from his cabin as their lunch out of desperation by mom to keep them happy while I busted down the door policeman style.  I called Rob and he told me the only way to get in the cabin was to put a screwdriver in the door where the lock was and pry my way in.  Well, it turned out more to be just Diedre using her shoulder and throwing myself in to the door a few times until we got in.  Yeah, it was cool.  The door needed to be fixed but we got in and now there is a spare key in case another incident like this arises.
The rest of the week was great.  We got to meet a new baby lamb of our neighbor, Tonda.  She will be bringing up more this summer to the cabin and we are all SO EXCITED!  Baby lambs are the cutest.  We saw a wolf on an adventure drive and that was new and exciting for all of us.  Caleb had a hummingbird fly right up next to his head as he was reading outside one evening.  We found lots of pretty rocks at the beach.  Caleb was a hero to Peter and saved his hat from the lake one windy night.  It was a great week, even with the kinks, and we will go back for more.

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