Sunday, November 15, 2015

Family Fall Festival

Earlier this week Haley decided we should put on our own Scarecrow/Fall festival for our family.  She came up with invitations and we decided on some activities together.  Being as our week was busy, Sunday (today) was the first chance we got to do it.  Turned out a great Sunday activity.
 We decorated cookies.  Kept some for ourselves and delivered some to friends.
 The finished product.  We also did a craft and played bingo.  Bingo was a big hit because they all got double bubble when they got a bingo.  Finally, we stuck with tradition and made our pinecone turkeys.  I believe this was our most unique year yet.
 Peter being crazy as usual with his simple turkey.
 Haley getting crazy with her tiger turkey, Peter still in on the action.
 Caleb was extremely proud of himself when "inspiration" struck and he created his "King Turkey."  Complete with staff, crown and flowing royal cape with jewels in the back.
Our turkey family for 2015.  Super fun time together.  Happy November!

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