Monday, November 30, 2015

Wrapping up November

Well, the year is almost finished.  But I do not want to forget a few fun times we shared together.  Caleb's knee is healing very well.  He is able to do anything now without any sign of problems.  Yeah!
First of all, we had to clean up the yard for winter (if the snow ever comes to the valley)....
 Haley was helping Rob and they found the mother load of worms hiding out under the leaves.  Haley, as we know, loves worms and she very much enjoyed collecting them.  Of course, she wanted to make them all her pets and bring them inside, but we convinced her they would be happier if we transplanted them into the garden box.
 We celebrated my birthday by going to the zoo.  Fun times seeing the animals together.  Even though Haley was not happy until she got her carousel ride, Caleb wanted to be somewhere completely different than Peter and Peter just wanted to chill at one or two spots and observe, just chill and relax, he was bothered to have to try and keep up with Caleb. So, we split up.  Rob hung out with Peter and Haley and I ran after Caleb and William.
 On our way to make Haley happy at the carousel.
 Crazy photo-bomber Peter.
 We celebrated Rob's birthday with a traditional Gray Birthday Breakfast.  CANDY!
 Then we headed to Jon and Heidi's new cabin for some fun.  SNOW!!!  Real snow to play in and eat and throw at innocent people.  Plus a zip-line, wild turkeys, deer and fun cousin time.  It was great.
Even Haley got in on the zip-lining.
We also went up on Sunday evening to say goodbye to the North Dakota Grays and have some more winter fun.  The boys enjoyed more zip-lining.  Then when it got dark and cold the snow began to fall.  Visual memories I do not want to forget: Haley and Henry playing kitchen with Emmy Kate's new toys. William and Caleb zip-lining in the snow (Caleb said it was awesome to go through the falling snow in the dark), Haley eating cup after cup of snow, Caleb and William converting pieces of cardboard into sleds to go sledding - in the dark - down the hills before we headed home.  Ahhh, love those carefree, fun family times!!!  On to December!

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