Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Life stays interesting

So, story of the day. Caleb gets hit by a van while riding his bike to school this morning. Thumbs down.
 The rest of the story.  He rides his bike to school each morning. He leaves about 7:30am, I watch him ride down the road until he turns the corner and then I take the other boys to school.  After school today I went to his locker to help him clean it out a little (he had asked me to).  When I saw him he said, "Mom, I have some bad news."  He proceeded to tell me that as he was riding to school this morning and he came to a road that a van was stopped at.  The van was waiting to pull out onto Redwood.  The van was stopped and Caleb wondered if he should cross or wait for the van to go.  The van's driver saw Caleb and did not go.  So, Caleb took that as cross.  Unfortunately, the van's driver turned onto Redwood before Caleb's bike had cleared.  He did not even wait for Caleb to be on the sidewalk.  The van hit Caleb's rear bike tire, thus pushing Caleb over and his knee took a mighty crunch.  Caleb got his bike out from under the van and got to the sidewalk.  The driver turned around to see if Caleb was okay.  Caleb was shaken up and hurt but he wanted to get to school and not be late.  So, he told the people he was okay and they made sure he could still ride his bike.  He went all day at school, up stairs and in class.  His ankle did get cut when he fell on the bike so he got a bandage from Señor Dickison. But that was it.  I did not find out about it until after school.  Goodness.
We iced it upon coming home and he was given leave of doing his soccer exercises for the day.  We also took a trip to the doctor's office.  The X-ray place was closed but the doctor says he thinks it is just bruised and we have to wait and watch to see if it gets better or if the bone got chipped.  UGH!  That is the bruise you see in the photo and the doctor's bandage job of the ankle. Caleb can walk pretty well, put weight on the knee. It just hurts when he does fast movements, jumps or runs fast.  You know, all those moves that a keeper needs to be good at.
I am just thankful that the Lord watched over him.  It could have been so much worse.  Caleb was a safe bike rider, tried to make sure he was crossing wisely and such.  All we can hope is that the knee heals well and thank Heavenly Father for taking care of him how He did.

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