Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mostly Successful

Ok, so no photos again.  Sorry.  Soccer days do that to you.  However, today was pretty much successful.  Why?  Well, lets get the "mostly" part out of the way.  Caleb got most of his homework done for the weekend, and it only took many grumpy faces from him and a few raised voices by parents to do it.  That could have been handled a little better.
The rest of the day was great!  Caleb went to the BYU pow wow and earned himself 3 merit badges!  But the real success came when Rob was able to get Jon and Caleb to leave the pow wow early enough to make it to Caleb's 1:10pm game and he played very well.  They won!  Success!  Score ended 8-5; with 23 shots on Caleb, 16 saves and 5 misses.  And those misses were on account of crazy penalty calls, wacky PKs (seriously one penalty happened in the other goal box but the ref carried the ball down to Caleb's box and the PK happened there. hello????).  We were all scratching our heads.  But it's a win and he did good.
Then tonight both Peter and Caleb went to some soccer training from Coever and Utah Glory and they both did great!  Ahhh, the weekend. Life is full and we will focus on the positive.

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