Monday, November 9, 2015

We survived!

Oh man, this weekend.  There was a lot going on, but we survived.

  • Friday started with us getting the house ready for our pie party on Saturday
  • Saturday, we woke up and started making pies
  • Haley helped me do cherry
  • William helped me do banana cream
  • Rob was outside blowing leaves into a gigantic pile
  • Rob took William and Haley to one of William's friend's baptisms
  • While they were there Caleb stayed home and worked on some homework, oh, weekend homework - yuck
  • Peter was happily content for most of the day to play and read, such a great kid
  • Caleb also helped me make a pumpkin pie
  • Peter helped make the root beer float pie
  • At 2:20 we headed to Caleb's first indoor soccer game for the winter, that was a doozy!  The games have 22 minute halves with a minute in between.  The final score was a loss for us, 11-2.  But the stats, oh the stats say it all.  Our team took 16 shots on goal.  The other team took 49 shots on Caleb.  49 shots!!!!!  In 44 minutes they took 49 at Caleb.  Whoa.  At the end of the game Caleb came up to me and said he was sorry for letting me down.  I just had to say, "Caleb, you took 49 shots that game, you did not let me down."  It was crazy
  • After the game we had just enough time to whip up the whip cream and people started showing up for the party
  • There were a lot of people at the party with lots of yummy pies
  • At 5:30 Caleb got ready, left the party and went to the Salt Lake Temple with the youth from our ward
  • Everyone left a while later and the cleanup crew of Rob and Diedre started their jobs
  • Moving on to Sunday, and kitchen cleanup was finished and the house looked like there had never been a party.
  • Everyone got up and without complaint got ready for church.  That is saying a lot.
  • Come home from church and the kids proceeded to make the house looked "lived-in" again and Caleb started the torture of finishing up his homework
  • Homework
  • Eat
  • Play
  • Read
  • Homework
  • Refuse homework
  • Read
  • Play on the sly
  • Homework
  • FINALLY, finally the homework got finished and we all climbed into bed
We survived another weekend.....bring on the new week.

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