Monday, November 2, 2015

Goodbye, October

The months that lead up to the end of the year are a lot of work!  Halloween this year was kind of at the bottom of the priority list.  What with soccer and lots of school work, our Halloween costumes did not get completed until the week of.  But we still made time for some fun.
Our costumes this year, a wizard and two dragons.  They turned out pretty cool.  Not pictured here is a little girl who wanted to be Hermoine in her pink dress at the Yule Ball.
Our masterwork at carving pumpkins. William is at bat (top pumpkin), Peter did the X eyes, Caleb had the green one and Haley's is the bottom pumpkin which after the picture got turned into a princess pumpkin. 

All of them together.
 Some of the fun we had....Haley got crafty and made little witch hats for her and some stuffed animals.
 Haley helped me make lunch bags for the boys at school.  Complete with mummy bananas.
 Haley participates in a little mommy and me preschool at Heartland and this is a photo of all the cute kids for Halloween.  Robin is one of Haley's good friends.
 The one and only good picture I got from the Halloween parade, this is William.
The kids had fun trick or treating.  They got tons of good stuff and the most interesting of which was Cup of Noodles.  Good times.

Other noteworthy news, we are still crazy busy with soccer and school.  Life will never be low-key again. Caleb finished off the fall-outdoor season with an amazing and very wet game.  I cannot say enough good for these boys.  They tore it up out on that slippery field.  It seriously rained the whole game, got windy in the second half, and then as soon as the final whistle blew, the storm stopped.  Mid way through first half Peter, Haley and William headed to the truck so they would not be so wet. We brought hot chocolate for the parents and team and that was a great idea on our part.  The score ended at 5-2 and we did amazing!  Our boys never gave up and Caleb did a terrific job!  It was hilarious trying to keep stats of the game.  My paper was drenched by the end of the first half.  Then when I switched to another paper at second, the marker would not write on the wet paper and I had to dry out the papers before turning in the stats for the game.  But they did amazing and we were all so proud.

Now on to indoor.  Peter starts in two weeks. And Caleb gets zero break, indoor practice starts this Wednesday and games start Saturday.  Always on the go.  But we will make it and have some fun along the way.  Happy November!

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