Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hits and Misses on the Summer Bucket List

Sometimes things work out like you want them to, other times it just does not happen.
 For example, this hike.  Dimond Fork Hot Springs.  I read up on it.  "Not to be missed," "Such a beautiful hike!"  The photos looked awesome.  I wanted to go.  However, it was quite a drive from home.  Closer to the cabin than home, so we went on our way to the cabin.  Putting this hike in numbers:  90% of the time 4 out of 5 of us were all grumpy, tired or cranky.  12% of the hike Haley needed to be carried, it was a REALLY LONG HIKE, not expected.  80% of the hike was very pretty.  The trail up was dense with trees, a small river and ground cover.  100% of us were SO DANG GLAD to see our truck at the end of the hike.   5% of me was glad that I pushed and nudged my kids to go on the hike, that means that this hike was 95% not worth it.  Such a bummer.
 We got to the hot springs and Haley and William enjoyed getting in.
 Caleb and Peter were done.  The hike looked nothing like the photos on the hiking trials site.  That was the biggest let down.
 The hike really did have beautiful views, like this log they all climbed on to take that great sibling photo.  20 seconds after I took this photo 75% of the people in this photo were grumpy with each other. UGH, you cannot win them all.
 A WIN!!!  Haley wanted to make a watermelon fruit basket.  We did it, and it was tasty and fun to look at.
 A WIN!!!  Fishing.  Cool photo eh?  This is William, trying way late into the night to catch one of those fish.  Caleb was the only one to do so, and that made William sad but Caleb very happy.  Ah well, we still have a few more days to try.
One more WIN.  These three went to the Real Salt Lake game with Rob.  They were all able to go on the field and do certain things before the game.  William was a bench warmer and sat in the seats the players do while they warmed up.  Haley was lucky enough to be in the tunnel for the "high 5" line as the players came out on the field.  And all 3 of them got to run on the field for the Parade of Kings.  Super fun evening for all of them.

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