Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lake Magic

You know this is coming, summer is near an end and I have more photos to post about a loved and treasured lake..... so sit back and get ready.  One of the things I love about the cabin is that my kids (sometimes) get along better.  They wake up in the morning and start a game with each other or read a book or go to the lake, instead of bugging be about screen time.  They go explore, together.  It is kinda magical how it works.
 Peter loved catching minnows this year.  The water stayed so high the whole summer so there were hundreds of minnows everywhere.  And Peter was the master.  He could catch so many, plus the random dragon fly nymph or tiny crawdad.  It was great!
 Kinda cool when you see a badger close to the cabin.  Do not worry, we kept our distance and only saw it once. It looked like a large carpet digging in the dirt the first time we saw it.
 THIS IS LAKE MAGIC!  Kids playing together, sun glistening off the very full lake, peaceful and beautiful!
 Also magical, these three sat so still waiting for the minnows to come swim by their feet.
Another magical moment- Peter, William and Haley all played together for over an hour!  Now that is some time well spent, that does not happen often.

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