Sunday, August 20, 2017

Wacky Week

The week before school starts has been deemed "Wacky Week" by our family.  One last effort to have fun together before the alarm clock sounds and homework looms.  I worked hard to come up with fun activities for this week.  Some worked, some failed, some were half successes, some did not happen because that is just how life works.  
 The week started with A LOT OF ERRANDS to get ready to go back to the cabin.  24 hours home, just enough time to get fresh laundry, store visit, school shoe shopping with Grandpa Terry, more groceries, library, tired mom and finally a trip to get fries and a milk shake.
I checked out a bunch of "fractured fairy tales" from the library and the kids had a blast reading all of them.
 B day: wear blue, black or brown (in Haley's case she opted for yellow).   Also eat foods starting with B.
 punch Balloons on B day
 Bubble machine
 One day they tried new foods.  Some were tasty some were those weird jelly beans from Harry Potter.  Some kids got the raw end of the deal....William mainly got the gross ones.
 Some kids got lucky, Peter really did not mind the grass clippings jelly bean.
 Shaving cream war.  This was the half successful.  Some kids liked it, some kids got mad, some kids got it all over, some kids were fast and got very little.
 Caleb loved it.
Decorating crazy mini cakes (aka twinkles).  Some tried to eat their "creation" after it was done, others were more wise.
Wacky Week day by day: Eat under table

  • wacky books
  • B day (B foods, B colored clothes)
  • White War (shaving cream fight)
  • Try something new
  • G day (g foods, g colored clothes)
  • Crazy mini cakes
  • Wacky Wonky Dinner (ALWAYS a success! The kids all love this)
  • Monday or Tuesday we will have a water war!!!!  

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