Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Trek - 2017

 Well, we sent him off to Trek this morning.  I really hope he was ready.  All summer we have tried to prepare.  Summer gym helped.  Hikes, walks at the cabin, wearing the shoes and testing them out.  We had the pioneer story all ready and the gear packed......
This morning he woke up with not too many problems.  Got dressed, came into the kitchen and said, my shoes feel tight, my toes hurt a bit, I am going to loosen the laces.  ARGH!!!!!!!  Seriously????  The morning of and his shoes might be too small.  Miles and miles and MILES of walking and now I am worried about his shoes and feet and hydration and ugh.....I cannot tell you how many prayers I have said for him since he left.  I have lost count.  Every time I think about him.  He loosened the laces and said his feet felt better.  All I can hope and pray is that those feet stay healthy, he stays hydrated and Father in Heaven watches over him and takes care of him.  Plus that he feels the spirit and the strength of the Lord through this.  PLUS, that he receives the spiritual strength to face this next school year with confidence and to be closer to our Savior.  Did I mention his feet?  I really hope all of his pre-preparations will give him blessings now.  We love him and cannot wait for him to come back Saturday.

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