Sunday, August 20, 2017

Live life to the fullest, or at least try

More time on the water.  I have so many photos of the fishing and having time playing on the boat.  SO MANY.  

 Fishing!  They loved catching the fish, they did not love it when one of the fish swallowed that hook too deep and it died.  There were some tears, we are catch and release people.
 We ventured out to the island.  Super fun and super long to get out there.  We only have 4 kayaks.  We found out that I, Diedre, am not too heavy or large to fit on a youth kayak.  Bonus! However, with only 4 kayaks and 5 people (Rob was not with us yet) we had to tow one person on the tube.  William was the sweet kid to say he would ride on the tube while I towed him across.  We hooked a rope between me and William.  I rowed while he kicked.  He got tired, we were slower but we made it!
 We found a pretty ok place to park the kayaks/tube and have a picnic while they explored a tiny bit.  I believe it was right after this photo that I got stung by a bee (only a tiny sting) and things got chaotic after that.  We packed up to head back across.  Haley was tired.  Haley tipped. But Peter calmed her down (which I account to part of that "Lake Magic").  And we made it back to the truck.  Fun times and to be remembered.
Lots and lots and lots of photos of knee boarding.  We FINALLY got the boat up at the lake.  So, the kids could all go for rides and play around on the water, more than just jumping and kayaking.  Peter got up the bravery to try knee boarding, and after a few tries he got up and was crossing the wake like a champion.  He was so proud of himself and so happy.
 William also mastered knee boarding.  He loved to do hops on the knee board and loved crossing the wake.  He almost got down the trick of turning around on the knee board.  He got so tired, but would go any chance he got.
 Caleb got up on the water skis!!!
 He also loved the knee board.
 JUMPING!  So glad our dock got fixed so these kids could enjoy the lake.  And look at that view!  No better place on the planet!
We were crazy enough to take the chance to get our family photo taken at the lake.  An awesome neighbor of ours took this photo.  Not too shabby.  
 Saying goodbye to our lake.  Several of the kids were very tender and emotional upon leaving this morning.  These kids have grown up at this lake.  Spent their summers coming up with games together, exploring, watching wildlife up close and getting wet!  It is where they smile longer, play together better and have gained a greater appreciation for what really matters.  We love this place and will miss it until next summer, but I think they made the most of their time there.

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