Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chilly days

I'm such a happy boy!

Cooper really wanted to wear his cowboy hat in the car. Didn't seem to work too well if you ask me.

Thank you Grandma for the new jacket

I love my new church sweater!

I must be the most handsome baby you've ever seen.

I love my big brother!!!

What cute boys. :-)

Look at these cute socks! One of the doctors in Jon's office gave us a pack of 6 different colors. I love them!

I don't usually go this long before posting and to be honest it's not like I've been super busy. Just haven't sat down. So here's a few things that have happened lately.
1. Jon had Monday off and wasn't on call so we drove up to Hartford and went to Cabella's. I know, I know, you're all wondering why we would drive that far for a sporting goods store. My husband is a hard working man and has had this desire to go to Cabella's since he heard that there was one up there back when we moved in. So we made it a family outing and it was actually fun! The place is huge and it has a TON of stuffed (used to be alive at one point) animals. Deer, cougars, moose, elk, fox, wolf etc. They also had very large fish tank that you have to walk through a tunnel to see. The boys thought this place was pretty darn cool. The only bummer of the trip was the fact that it was 15 degrees out.

2. Jackson had a little stomach bug. No throwing up, but just wasn't hungry and always complaining that his tummy hurt. One night around 1am I took him downstairs to have some dry toast and sprite and while we're sitting there he asked, "why am I so sick?" I told him that sometimes people just get sick and he'd been doing a good job being so brave and that he'd get better soon. He looks up at me with this sad face and says, "Mom, when you were sick and you had the baby in your tummy you did a good job too." :-)

3. Jackson is really into listening to every word in songs on the radio and then asking a hundred and one questions about it. This past week Kenny Chesney's 'She thinks my tractors Sexy' was on and Jackson asks from the back seat, "mom what does sexy mean?' and then "why does she think his tractor's sexy?" I guess I'll have to start screening my songs better.
A few days later Brooks and Dunn's 'God must be busy' (stupid song, but is was just the last 30 seconds of it when we got in the car so I didn't change it) was on and Jackson asks very concerned, "mom, is God too busy?" I told him that God was never too busy for him. Then he says, "I think God's busy making Arizona right now, houses and stuff so people have a place to live."

4. Last Sunday we were walking to the car after church. Cooper gets to the edge of the curb next to the car, stops, gets a very serious look on his face, takes his right hand and pushes a pretend button on his chest, puts his hands down at his sides, says "To infinite and beyond!", throws his hands up in the air and jumps off the curb and runs to get in the car. Random, but oh so cute!

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That was hilarious!