Sunday, January 20, 2008

OneTooth takes to the dance floor...

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Ok, a brief explanation....This is our bouncer that Spencer just loves. Notice how we can fit a least two of him--or a really fat toddler in there. The thing is huge! We have to roll up towels and put them on either side of him to keep him from leaning way over and getting stuck on one side or the other--which is actually quite funny. As it is, his arms barely come out over the top of the thing, and just sort of stick out there flapping in the wind, because that front bar is just a wee too high for him to have any real range of motion. Jon-Jon loves to run past him from one side to the other, which spins Spencer around. And he loves to yank on Spencer's arms to encourage more bounce. Jon-Jon is being punished quite often, come to think of it. By the way, sorry about the sound quality...This is from our little point-and-click camera, because our video camera is ancient-and not digital.

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