Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Here's the pictures for Flat Stanley. He visited Yale University, hung out with the librarians at the Yale library. Saw Yales school of music and visited the memorial for Yale students who fought in WW1.
You can copy the pictures and print the ones you want. Let me know if it'll be enough. If so then I'll mail you back Stanley. If you need a few more, then we can go out again.


Dave said...


Rob said...

I don't get it? I am slightly confused and I guess not in on some information that is important. Hummm?

El Steve-O said...

Now the kiddos go to Yale? When I was there last July, we also took a fieldtrip to Yale sans pictures. What with the lack of pics?! No worries, it was still a good time, regardless of the terribley bland hamburgers from Louis' Lunch!