Thursday, February 26, 2009

I love to garden!

Oh, I am so excited!  After going to the gym I went and bought our garden seeds for this year!  Yes, I am excited.  Oh, how we love to garden in our house.  I would not necessarily say that I have a green thumb, in fact I think it might be part brown with green struggling to survive; but I have decided that gardening and yard work is one of my hobbies (if only my kids would give me more time to do it).  We at our house are excited for Spring.  Caleb and Peter have been enjoying the warm weather by digging and playing in the dirt and I have had our garden plan figured out since Fall.  To add to the excitement we (Caleb and I  really) have been planning a Welcome Spring party complete with decorations and yummy food.  YEAH!  I love it and I cannot wait to start planting!

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cbracken said...

I love this picture - we love gardening over here too! We're counting down the days till we plant our peas! HAPPY SPRING!