Saturday, March 8, 2008

Elders Quorum Pinewood Derby!

Last week we started a new tradition in my ward: the Annual Elders Quorum Pinewood Derby! I can't say who it was that came up with the idea, but it was a huge hit. Our Elders Quorum president announced that we would have a pinewood derby and that it was going to be more grown-up. There were only a few rules: 1. No weight limit; 2. No artificial propulsion; 3. No impeding other cars in adjacent lanes. I think there was in all 18 or 19 total cars entered. I was the only first year that participated (due to a extremely busy week) and I only had one night to make it. Considering that my lack of resources left me with only sandpaper, I think it turned out pretty good. I didn't win, but I learned what it takes to win and have already made plans for next years model. Here are some pics:

My car

Setting my car up for a run.

The stage became a work-bench where
everyone would continually add more weight
to their cars (often in very interesting ways).

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Rob said...


Your car design is a work of genius. I love it!