Saturday, March 8, 2008

Peace and Plenty here abide

Ahhh, the sweet quite that is in my home right now, how I relish it. :) It is only quite here after an hour and a half of Caleb and Peter playing, jumping and fighting in their room when it should have been "QUIET" time for them. Figures, huh? But after a few shrill shrieks from Caleb I decided to split them up. Caleb came in my room, Peter in their room and I told them both not a sound until I was done with my bath. As the story goes, of course they both fell asleep and for the moment there is peace in the Gray home.
We also have some pictures on our computer again after a freak electronic breakdown in our home. So, I will show you all what these two sweet tempered boys have been up to lately. :)

Peter and Caleb both received Cowboy hats from PA for Peter's birthday. They are such cute kids!
Our heart tree from Valentine's Day had the names of all the people we love and some of Caleb's friends. Yes, these boys also love each other, they just have an interesting way of expressing it sometimes. :)
And in an attempt to entertain we have been coloring Easter eggs, making leprechauns and bird feeders for our back yard.

I, Diedre, am doing well. The doctor says I am doing well and in no time at all I will have to go in weekly for visits. Ugh, that is always a drag to have to go every week to see the doctor. I am in my 29th week and we are just doing good.
Peter and Caleb will hopefully stay away from the doctor's office for the next several months. Just yesterday Peter went to the doctor to find that he has yet another ear infection. That big bad mean sickness monster needs to stay away from our home.
And finally, a big shout out for Rob. He came home yesterday from work with news that they named him Employee of the Month at VCBO Architecture! Yeah! I am not sure if he will mention this but we are so proud of him. He has been putting in so many hours and hard work for them, he deserves the recognition!

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Dave said...

Yay for quiet time! Loved the pictures; I can't believe how big Peter is!