Friday, September 5, 2008


It FINALLY HAPPENED! Jonah lost his first tooth last night. It was a bit of a dramatic experience-since I basically pushed it out, but it was just hanging there anyway and driving me crazy! I only had to push once. It bled a very little and then we put some oragel on the spot where it used to be. Once it was out Jonah was ecstatic. He ran upstairs to look in the mirror. I got some cute pictures of him rinsing out his mouth-and of the offending tooth that has served him so well for the last 7 years. I thought I heard the Tooth Fairy in his room last night so I went to check-and Jonah woke up. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was checking to see if the Fairy came yet. He said "Mom, I can't sleep. I'm so excited!" (sort of a problem if the Tooth Fairy wants to come.) I told him that the Tooth Fairy can only come if he is really asleep. He seemed to be more willing after that. And amazingly, She/He did come! When he woke up there were 2 gold dollar coins under his pillow! How did the Tooth Fairy know that Jonah liked Gold coins so much? We will never know.


Rob said...

He is sooo willing to smile now. I liked the pictures of him in your last post when he would not smile. He looked so debonair and yet you knew he was hiding something. :) -Diedre

Jon said...

Hey! The tooth fairy comes after proper tooth loss! Yesterday I put an 8 yr old to sleep to take out one of her bombed-out permanent teeth. I don't think the tooth fairy should have to pay as much for partials.

Way to go, Jonah!