Saturday, September 27, 2008

A lesson for life (by Douglas)

Occasionally I do house work. Ha ha ha...let me start over. I have a (almost) one year old. He loves to get into any and everything around him. He's curious. He's a pain in the the neck sometimes because of this fact. So trying to get house work done around here is becoming harder and harder since I always have to have one eye on him. On one particular day in the very recent past I decided that I had to atleast get the dishwasher unloaded and then reload it with the dishes that had accumulated throughout the day. So with Douglas looking very interested in some of his brother's toys on the lvrm floor I ran into the kitchen and started working. I fully expected him (Douglas) to be joining me shortly since he has this sixth sense of the best way to always be in the way. But alas he never comes. I say a short prayer of thanks that I was able to get the dishes done fairly quickly without having to pull Douglas off the dishwasher 20 times. Then I walk into the lvrm feeling like I've taken a step forward in actually accomplishing something for the day. Well that was until I looked down and found this...

One step forward, one step back. Man I'm back where I stared.

The moral of the story is...never do the dishes. I like that.


Dacia said...

Sounds like we could exchange our youngest children and you would not know the differance. Spencer does the same things-except he actually figured out how to open the dishwasher by himself-which is totally scary. Jason said that I follow him around all day "undoing what he just did"-I bet you feel the same way!

Rob said...

Just this week I have been keeping up with the bare minimum waiting it to get closer to Sunday so that I could get my house ready for dinner guests. The thought that kept going through my head the whole week was, "I should vaccume and mop today...but why? I will just have to do it again in 2 days." There is just never enough time to try and get caught up before it is a mess again. -Diedre By the way; when is Douglas' birthday?