Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Days, School Days!

One last hurrah before the school year began...we were at Scofield for the weekend and as you can tell Caleb was silly and crazy as usual. :)
Caleb started school today, 3 Sept. 2008, at Heartland Elementary. He managed to get up on time, get himself ready and there were really no complaints heard; oh except the one about going to the bathroom before we left. :) We walked to school at a brisk pace just because breakfast took a little longer than expected and we arrived at school.
This is his teacher, Mrs. Hoggan. Do not ask me why he decided to take his picture in front of the bathroom, maybe because it was the end of the day and he was tired so, he wanted to sit on the bench. :) Mrs. Hoggan is a really nice lady and Caleb enjoyed himself. His favorite part of school were the Hersey Kisses they got to eat and when Mrs. Hoggan read "The Kissing Hand." The only complaint I heard from Caleb was that the potty chair was too low! And when I saw it, yes I agree it is very short. :) But he had a good time and I hope and pray that he continues to enjoy himself and jump right into learning!
Oh, and Peter's day...his morning was rough! He did not like watching everyone get ready to take Caleb to school. He wanted to play with Caleb, like they usually do. So, he was grumpy and out of sorts for most of the day. But he loves the playground at the new school.


Heidi Mae said...

Isn't school fun!? Jackson's still having a hard time with the fact that he has to go everyday. Not just Mon, Wed, Fri like preschool.
Good job on your first day of school Caleb!!

Elisa said...

What a happy boy!

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