Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I know, I know

I'm such a procrastinator! I should take some pictures of the house and post them, but I just haven't. And here's just a few of my excuses.
1. I've been working on the house all day long, for the past 2 weeks, so when I have a few mins to actually sit down and play on the computer...well the last thing I want to do is have to look at the house.
2. Pictures of the kids are just so much cuter.

So today I'm going to be a lazy bum. I've decided that I'm not working on unpacking, cleaning, or anything else of the sort. Well maybe I'll do a load of underwear. That might be a good idea. (sidenote: Jonathan installed a plug in the basement so we can get our dryer working! Thanks a bunch honey!) So back to my lazy ways today. I'm just going to sit around, play on the computer and maybe watch a movie. I know you're all wondering how I could do such a think, well, it's more because I have to then because I want to. I've been on my feet so much the past month with the packing and unpacking that my foot problem (plantar fasciitis) has really started bothering me again in my right foot. And within the past 2 weeks my left foot has started too. So walking and standing has become a problem. And as usual, I over did it yesterday and only sat down to eat lunch, which became a big problem come evening time. I couldn't get to sleep last night my feet were throbbing so bad. And then walking this morning was extremely painful. So I've decided to take the day off. Maybe with all my free time I'll get some pictures of the house and put them on too! But I'm not making any promises. :)

Here's the last pictures I took at the apartment, before the big move. We were taking a break from packing and playing bubbles outside.

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