Thursday, September 11, 2008

A mother's pride

Not to brag, but my William is dang cute! I just have to say, he is adorable! His latest thing, squealing. It started a few days ago and it is so funny. He can be happy and squeal with laughter or squeal in an angry way when he is tired or hungry. He has started to use his tongue more in talking and making different sounds and it is so fun to listen to. And he has made definite strides in tummy-time. He does not stay happy for long but he has gained such strength in his neck. He can hold his head up so well and he almost acts as though he wants to roll over. Is that early?And talk about a fun show, William and his bouncer/bug seat. He has learned what to do. When I sit him in his seat immediately he looks around for his "bug friends" as we have come to call them. We pull the shade over his head and he looks up, smiles and starts talking to "his bugs." We love it! I cannot tell you how fun to is to see him get so excited.

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cbracken said...

Your boys are sooo adorable!