Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flowers and Kids grow in dirt!

Yesterday we got to work and planted our seeds (in cups first) to get ready for the hopeful harvest we will produce from our garden.  We like planting in cups first so we can watch the roots growing from inside the cup, it is fun.  The boys loved starting their garden, especially Will who was experiencing it all for the first time.  It was windy outside so we pulled all the gear into the kitchen and got down and dirty.  Caleb is an old pro at planting seeds, he knew what to do.  Peter was less excited to get his hands dirty but he still enjoyed placing the seeds into the dirt.  Then there was William.  He wanted to grab everyone else's cups of dirt and was really frustrating Peter.  We gave him his own cup with a tiny bit of dirt so that he would be appeased.  Then this happened:
The boys found it very amusing and William did not see any harm in a little dirt.  As Grandpa Gray says, "Flowers and kids grow in dirt."  Now the cups are sitting the windowsill of the boy's bedroom waiting for the sun to come out and help them sprout.  And I think Caleb has maybe learned his lesson on only so much water for the seeds, we do not want to drown them. :)  And when our seeds are ready to transplant outside we have these ready for the garden:
The boys painted them up so that we can put them in the garden to help us see what is planted where.  We already have three of them outside because we did some planting outside on Monday.  It was too beautiful to not do yard work and we were anxious to get our garden going.  So we planted peas and cantaloupe and pumpkin.  We will see what happens to them, these crops take such a long time to produce that I figured we would try planting now.  Happy Spring!

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Jason said...

What a grin, Peter! love the chin dimple...