Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This kid is AWESOME!

Willy has taken his first steps!  What fun it is to watch.  It actually started last Thursday when he took one step at Caleb's baseball game.  Then he took about 3 steps on Saturday night.  But today was another big day when he took 6 steps.  I just cannot come up with words to describe how fun it is to watch him take these small, shaky steps and to watch him try to balance while smiling because he knows he is doing something BIG.  What a cool little kid!  So, I will let you watch it for yourself:

And then if that was not fun enough, Peter was in other room listening to some pretty good classical music (Figaro and The William Tell Overture- aka The Horse Song in our house) while Willy was walking.  After the fan-fare we all went in to listen and I captured this on video.  What a little stud, while Peter is doing his usual Horse Song racing (try to ignore the small attack on Peter's part, kids will be kids) Will was jamming to the music himself.  I love this kid!


Dave said...

Congrats, Willy! Time to go explore the world!

My condolences to Rob and Diej... Now they have to keep track of 3 highly mobile, curious boys! Just think, if they ever run off and you can't seem to find them, just get a boombox and play the William Tell Overture and they'll come-a-running!
Awesome guys!

Dacia said...

Now you are doomed! Next is climbing- You can't believe how high they can get-expecially when they learn to push chairs. Way to go Willy! So cute!