Thursday, April 16, 2009

The great game of baseball

Well, the anticipated day finally arrived today when we had Caleb's first T-ball game.  The season was originally supposed to begin April 2nd, but then they lengthened the time to sign up so the season started April 14th.  Well, our game on the 14th got rained out so we anxiously awaited tonight to see what the weather would bring.  With gray clouds looming in the sky all day and cold temperatures 5:30 came and the game was on!  I wished the game only went longer so that I could have gone to get some hand-warmers for all those tough little boys.  Brrrr!  It was a chilly one out there tonight.  We have been practicing for quite a few weeks so Caleb was eager to get out there and hit the ball.  He is on the gray team and his coach gave his team the name "The Transformers."  Kind of appropriate for a team full of 5 and 6 year old boys!  Caleb did great both times up to bat.  They get to have the ball pitched to them 3 times and if they miss then they bring out the Tee.  Caleb's first time up he smacked the ball on the third pitch and his second time up he hit it off the Tee.  But not only that, he actually focused while he was out on the field.  Yeah!  He says he had fun but I think the fact that his hands were hurting from the cold kind of dampened his mood.  But I will say, he is a great little player and I know he will have fun if nothing more than he will meet new kids and get to whack at that ball. The game is officially on!


Heidi Mae said...

How fun!!! Jackson's first practice is this Saturday. He's so excited! Good job Caleb!

Jason said...

Sounds fun fun! I wish my boys were playing baseball this year