Saturday, April 11, 2009

Willy's Easter

Being Will's first Easter I think that I should let you all in on his exciting day.  It started yesterday when this happened:
In the beginning
Close to the end

We were dying Easter eggs and to keep Will peaceful I passed an egg over for him to inspect. He started out innocent enough, slightly cracking the egg and just picking at the shell.  No, I am not clueless; I knew the egg would soon be mush but I figured that a kid only lives once.  Why not let him make his first Easter memories the messy, fun way. :)  The boys thought it was hillarious and I have to admit it was funny how serious he was during the disceting of the egg. The bop had to of course stay in his mouth because as you know, kids under one should not have eggs.  He wanted to try though.
Then today we had the always fun Easter egg hunt at our house.  This is Will's only shot from Easter and he did not even want to be a part of it.  He slept straight through the hunt and it was only after everyone left that he dug into all the empty eggs to play for himself.  He also went and played tennis for the first time today.  As in play I mean crawled around the tennis court watching Caleb and Peter chase after balls and every now and then he would get a ball.  It was so cute to watch him crawl around in that big tennis court with a ball being bounced between his legs as he was crawling away to explore something new.

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Jason said...

Ha! Way to go, Willie! I love the look of intense concentration on his face...With this hard-boiled egg, he's planning on taking over the world!