Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Utah Easter Pics and Vids...

Ok, so I uploaded the pictures on the small size, in the hopes that you could see more without taking up more real estate. Oh well...We had breakfast before the hunt, for energy and stuff. Click on the photos for larger size.

The kids staring out into the backyard with barely contained anticipation. If it were me, I would say we were scoping out routes for optimum egg gathering strategies...Since it wasn't me, I think they were just looking outside thinking about all the pretty colors. See video below...

This is the way Spencer rolls...At first I thought he was defending his egg loot...Nope. He just found himself a bigger stick to swing. Have a great video of this, but they just take too darn long to upload.

The reckoning...

Again, have lots of great video showing all the fun. Too much work. Anyway, we sure missed having Grandpa and Grandma Gray and Emily with us! And we certainly missed Dave and Mindy, but it sounds as if they had a lot more fun at DisneyWorld! Hope all you beach bums had a great time! (Ok, so Jon and Heidi Mae et al. are on a rocky coast, and not necessarily a beach, but still! We missed you too!)



Oh, and I have all my pictures for you anytime you want Diedre! We had great time!

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Rob said...

Oh those boys! They sure had fun and I love Steve's comments on the video, "this is not efficient!" Great times!