Saturday, May 4, 2013

A day of fun, excitement, adventure, surprises, and one tragedy

So, yesterday was pretty awesome!  As soon as the boys came home from school we all got in the truck and headed to Liberty Park to feed the ducks some bread.  Earlier in the week the kids and I went and saw some ducklings.  So, of course we wanted to show Rob and we headed out on what would turn out to be an adventuresome day.
 We made it to the park and not only fed some adorable ducklings.
 But we also had some goslings come right up to us and practically eat right out of our hands.  As Caleb said, "baby anything is too cute."
 Afterwards it was time to get some food.  We went over to the Brigham Young park and ate.  While eating the boys found a whole colony of ladybugs and started bringing them over to show us.  Haley loved watching them crawl on her arm.  Then Peter got the brilliant idea to take some home.  I, being the mother that tries to make her children happy, emptied out my water bottle and we put the ladybugs in there.  It was a difficult car trip home because they kept bumping around and falling on their backs.  However, at one point I noticed a ladybug with little yellow things by her.  Yes, crazily enough the boys found a ladybug that was ready to lay her eggs and she laid them right in that water bottle!  The boys are beyond thrilled that we have ladybug eggs in our water bottle.  I have explained to them that a water bottle may not be the best breeding ground for these ladybugs to hatch, but they are excited to find out.  Here's hoping.
So, we got home and we needed to release the ladybugs.  This is the tragedy part.  As I was carefully cutting open the bottle to get the ladybugs out without disturbing the eggs, a ladybug got in the way and was chopped in half.  OH MAN!  I am still feeling bad about it.  But the others were transported safely to the tree, I think.  In the above picture you can see the water bottle, with the eggs, and Peter is holding the mother ladybug.  So exciting!
A close-up of the eggs.  We will see where this adventure leads, if the eggs hatch, and what happens.  Peter is excited to see the "cycles" of the ladybug happen in his own home.  Here's hoping.

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