Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer is so close

We are so anxious for school to be done and summer to get here.  Time to play and go to the cabin and play and enjoy each other.  So, the countdown has been great.  
The sidewalk chalk contest turned out some awesome entries.  The above entry won for largest and most colorful, done by Caleb.
 We took a trip to the zoo.  The bird show was so fun for Haley to watch.  She loved the birds flying right above her head.
 They had a display of lego animals and this was one of my favorites.  A little lion tamarin monkey holding a stick. Very cool and fun to see the animals and legos together.
 Yesterday we went on a short, windy and fun hike.  Peter was injured at the beginning and so that made it short.  We found this really cool but kind of spooky cave along the trail.  No one was brave enough to venture inside but it looked deep, dark and fun to explore at another time.  And this picture is also one of the last of William as a 4 year old.  Birthday time for him!
And this is an ode to my Caleb.  He has the stamina of 10 hikers put together.  If it were up to him we would never turn around on a hike and just keep going until you could not any more.  He was so excited to find this rock wall and climb it, "without equipment."  He is awesome and fun.

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