Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The End is near (of school that is)...and a couple other small surprises

We came up with an end of school countdown to get excited for the end of this year.  Yahoo!  Some of us are looking forward to it more than others (Peter is not so glad to be done).  
Here is the countdown chain.  Very festive and happy.
Our first activity of the countdown was bubbles and popsicles.  So, fun and yummy (the popsicles.  The bubble solution tastes horrible!)
 It was great fun to watch them all blow bubbles or swoosh them around with the wand and then chase!
 Some other activities for the countdown include: a water gun fight, picnic outside, family trip, hike, camping, paint a picture, sidewalk chalk contest, movie night, ice cream treat, snowie/slushie,  glow-in-dark bubbles, play games.  It will be a fun countdown.
And what does the above picture mean?  This is the small surprise I came home to Mother's Day after church.  Caleb had rushed home to make me a peanut butter sandwich with a heart made out of jelly.  Such a sweet boy!  Also, the other Mother's Day surprise/drama we had was rescuing ducklings out of the drain across the street from our house.  We did not actually do the saving, but we did see the mama duck by the drain where 6 of her babies had fallen down  in.  So, we called animal control and they sent the police man out, who called the fire department, who came and rescued the ducklings.  Happy Mother's Day, mama duck.  What a great summer this is going to be!

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