Saturday, May 4, 2013

Brother's Day

It is no mystery that I love my boys, a lot.  I am so glad I have three of them.  A long time ago we came up with the holiday of Brother's Day.  Where they could celebrate being together, being awesome, and being brothers.  When Haley came along we had to modify the holiday and started, Bro-Sis Day.  Still a day to celebrate each other and being siblings, fun times are always had.  However,  I still wanted my boys to celebrate each other in their own way and I re-instituted Brother's Day for them, and 2013 was the first of such days.  I believe they had fun. 
 Rob took them swimming.
 After they came home and Rob went to scouts they made sticker story books.  Although this picture is not the best of them it still describes their relationship at times.  Sometimes they can be best of buddies, but sometimes they really need their space.
Here is a much better picture of what Brother's Day is supposed to instill; love, togetherness and the fact that having a brother is about the best thing ever.  I made each of the boys a little satchel to hold things in on Brother's Day and on each satchel I sewed my own version of a badge.  Each year they will earn a new badge from their Brother's Day activity.  This year they got the pool party badge.  I also sewed on something illustrating each of them.  Robot for Caleb, Harry Potter for Peter, rainbow for William.  On the very bottom I painted part of a saying that I came up with for them, "Together as Brothers forever we'll stay."  Just another way to save  the memories and make things fun.  I love these boys (and Haley, she and I had fun while they were gone) and I love watching them be together.

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