Saturday, May 4, 2013

Caleb's recognition

Caleb came home with quite the surprise last week.  I opened up his backpack and found a Star Student award.  Why am I surprised, you ask?  I do not doubt in Caleb's intelligence and abilities at school.  He is a "boy with a brain" as his Kindergarten teacher told me long ago.  We all know he is an excellent reader, loves spanish and does well in science and everything he focuses on.  My surprise came because his fourth grade teacher recognized him in all these aspects as well.  Let me just say that this has been a rough fourth grade year for Caleb and his relationship with his teacher.  Whew!
So when Caleb brought home this award we were not only thrilled and completely proud of him, but also happy that his teacher saw what was good in Caleb.  Way to go, Caleb!

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