Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthday wishes come true

 5 years old and pretty dang awesome!  We made play-doh birthday cakes for the special guy.
 Birthday Wish #1: a car he found at the store that looks just like the Weasley's car.  He was so excited.
 Birthday Wish #2: Sweet, yummy watermelon.  One of his favorites.
 We painted a dinosaur that holds crayons.
 Fantastic snowies (William's was of course the rainbow flavored snowie) after school with the boys.  Birthday Wish #3: hang out with his brothers. 
Birthday Wish # 4: Rainbow bread.  It would not be William without rainbows and of course I would make it for him.
He is a wonderful little boy.  He is content with just about anything that is around.  He will join in any game that his brothers are playing and helps keep things simple in life.  He wants to be just like the heros in his life, his brothers and his dad.  He is a sweet little guy, for example the other night I was out of patience.  I asked the boys why their toothbrushes were always in my bathroom.  William looked at me and sincerely said, "because we like to be with you."  He is a good fit for this family and we love him greatly.  

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